Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2017 Summer Volume 91 Number 2

Table Of Contents

Cynthia Cruz - Fragment: After Ida, poem
Cynthia Cruz - Felt, poem
Cynthia Cruz - Sch.na, poem
Cynthia Cruz - The Reason, poem
Derek JG Williams - The Shining, poem
Derek JG Williams - When I Dream of Drowning Alone, My Lover Is Breathing Beside Me, poem
Derek JG Williams - Ode, My Pissing Lover, poem
Merran Jones - Sometimes I’m Suzanne, story
Cheswayo Mphanza - Ode to the #6 Jackson Park Express, poem
Cheswayo Mphanza - Uncensored, poem
Cheswayo Mphanza - "Caldonia," poem
Bibhu Padhi - The Earthquake, poem
Bibhu Padhi - Listening through the Rain, poem
Jessica Reidy - Madness Is Remembering, essay
Karen An-hwei Lee - Meditation on a Red Seed as Transformation, poem
Karen An-hwei Lee - Sisters of the Raging Millennium at a Hundred Years, poem
Karen An-hwei Lee - On the Levitation of Beautiful Objects, poem
Peter Cooley - Is This All the Gods Ask of Us, poem
Chad Hanson - Wild Horses, America, and Me, essay
Brynn Downing - Rabbitdom, essay
Kierstin Bridger - What I Didn’t Photograph, poem
Rachel Rinehart - Wherever the Carcass, poem
Rachel Rinehart - After Easter, 1865, poem
Rachel Rinehart - Augury, poem
Nichole LeFebvre - Three at the Bar on the Fourth of July, poem
Shadab Zeest Hashmi - Gunpowder Tea, poem
Lucien Darjeun - Meadows My Second Time, poem
Maxine Scates - Red Wave, poem
James Reiss - Dictaphone, poem
Carole Cohen - Directions for My Funeral, poem
Vivian Faith Prescott - Contrary to Popular Belief, poem
Vivian Faith Prescott - Top Ten Signs of Climate Change, poem
Ronald Dzerigian - Bathing My Grandfather, poem
Ronald Dzerigian - To a Possible Tenant, poem
Fleda Brown - Donna, essay
Steven L. Peck - Additions to St. Hildegard’s Physica, poem
Maureen Seaton & Denise Duhamel - Holy Hippocampus: A Conversation in Couplets,
Karen Paul Holmes - Capturing the Scent of Rain, poem
Erika Brumett - To Name Is to Own, poem
Anne Valente - How to Breathe in Deep Space, essay
Lucy Ferriss - Meditation on Pain, essay
Aigerim Tazhi - untitled, poem
Rachel Morgan - Etiology, poem
Boyer Rickel - Morgan: A Lyric, essay
Julie Sheehan - Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms with Baton Twirler, poem
John Hart - ‘‘One had to be versed in country things,’’ poem
Marianne Boruch - Bad Piano, poem
Kathleen Winter - Cambridge Elementary, poem
Emily Van Kley - Spitshine, poem
Emily Van Kley - Semen, poem
JD Scott - Boys for Melee, poem
Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry - All of Me, story
Negar Emrani - My Geography, poem
Willis Barnstone - The Forbidden City in the Rain 1972/2015, poem
Ruth Joffre - A Matter of Distance, A Matter of Time, poem
Talia Bloch - How We Keep Each Other Company, poem
Alice Friman - Mirage, poem
David Dodd Lee - Leaving Cantwell, Alaska, poem
David Dodd Lee - Winterkill, poem
Brianna Noll - Mountains Are Mountains, poem
Annie Woodford - This Clean Bare Plane, poem
Christine DeSimone - Anger Management, poem
Caitlin Bailey - Grete Writes to Georg at War, poem
Sara du Sablon - The Reprimand, poem
Brenda Peynado - The Shadow, story


Amina Gautier's The Loss of All Lost Things reviewed by Raul Palma
If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems, edited by James Lenfestey, reviewed by Jeremy Caldwell
Christine Steward-Nuñez's Untrussed reviewed by Patrick Hicks

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