Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2016 Fall Volume 90 Number 3

Table Of Contents

Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade - 13 Superstitions, essay
Tony Hoagland - Surrender, poem
Tony Hoagland - Recent Revisions of the Vernacular, poem
Tony Hoagland - Ten Reasons Why We Cannot Seem to Make Progress, poem
A. Kat Reece - Early Morning Day of Departure, poem
A. Kat Reece - At Five Months, poem
A. Kat Reece -  On the Third Day, poem
Rosebud Ben-Oni - On Childbearing, poem
Emily Wall - Samantha’s Births, poem
Rebecca Lehmann - Zephyr, poem 26
Donald Platt - Mulberries, poem
Donald Platt - The Old Lady Tour, poem
Sara Burge - Dear Toilet Scene, poem
Sara Burge - I took the gun from my mother’s hand, poem
Hyesoon Kim - The Knife and the Knife, poem
Matthew Shenoda - Damming the Nile: A Poet’s Ecology, essay
Holly Karapetkova - Exile, poem
Anzhelina Polonskaya - In an Unknown Country, poem
Christopher Salerno - Sorrow, Architecture, poem
Jon Kelly Yenser - Reviewing the Troops in the Ruins, poem
Deborah DeNicola - What Falls Away Is Elsewhere, poem
Robert Gibb - Bronze, poem
Meena Alexander - Dwelling, poem
Munib Khan - One Upon a Time on a Mountain Pass, story
Blas Falconer - The Sweet Air, poem
Blas Falconer - To Love | How It Began, poem
Brett Beach - Conceptual Art, story
Judith Skillman - Black Wound, poem
Judith Skillman - I Admire Günter’s Rat, poem
Susanna Lang - Return from the River Styx, poem
John Bonanni - Lithium, poem
John Bonanni - Lagoda, poem
Kimberly Johnson - Faster, poem
Kimberly Johnson - Familial, poem
Kara Dorris - Song for Slow Days
Kara Dorris - Song to Make a Lost Moment Last, poem
Kara Dorris - Argument for and against the partially saved, poem
Kara Dorris - Arguments for and against effacement, poem
Gail Newman - Hunger, poem
Gail Newman - Still Life, poem
Michael Chaney - Horror Movies with Mom, essay
John Kinsella - Traps, story
Abigail Lee - ‘‘somebody or other pretended a reveleation,’’, poem
Ama Codjoe - Other Halves, poem
Ama Codjoe - Untitled (Man Smoking), poem
Ama Codjoe - Untitled (Man Reading Newspaper), poem
Ama Codjoe - Untitled (Nude), poem
Benjamin Soileau - Detours, story
Steven Leyva - Ulysses as a Negro-Bird, poem
Steven Leyva - Primer, poem
Ali Shapiro - On Power, poem
Amber Galeo - Augury, poem
Ronald Dzerigian - This Side of Paradise, poem
Betsy Johnson-Miller - Casket of Light, poem
Khal Torabully - For a Coolie, poem
Khal Torabully - [For his feeler roots], poem
Khal Torabully - [Some birds], poem
Khal Torabully - [White birds], poem
Khal Torabully - [My country will have no statue], poem
Alen Hamza - Breathwork, poem
Alen Hamza - The Age of Monkeys, poem
Alen Hamza - Cannot Not, poem
Genevieve N. Williams - An Exercise in Self-deprecation, poem
Genevieve N. Williams - Brink, poem
Genevieve N. Williams - Leaving the Meat Market, poem
Genevieve N. Williams - The Space between Words, poem
Alireza Taheri Araghi - Snow, story 154
Mimi Schwartz - On Stage and Off, essay 159
Jennifer Givhan - The Last Hunger Artist, poem
Jennifer Givhan - My God, Rosa and Nieve (Briefly) Believe, poem


Metta Sáma - Olio by Tyehimba Jess
Justin Goodman - Everything I Found on the Beach by Cynan Jones
Katie E. Pryor - Blue Yodel by Ansel Elkins

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