Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2016 Summer Volume 90 Number 2

Table Of Contents

D. E. St. John - In Guilt, poem
D. E. St. John - The Orchards, poem
D. E. St. John - A Prophecy, poem
D. E. St. John - Blue Heaven, poem
Sharon Olds - Ode to the Penis, poem
Sharon Olds - Unmatching Legs Ode, poem
Sharon Olds - Wild Ode, poem
Kathie Giorgio - Clean, story
Israel Domínguez - Some Photos, poem
Yanira Marimón - Vision of the Body, poem
Yanira Marimón - Day of Celebration, poem
Leymen Pérez - Shoots, poem
Leymen Pérez - Searching for Another Depth, poem
Alfredo Zaldívar - Saturday Cappuccinos: variations on a theme, poem
Alfredo Zaldívar - I Could Never Write a Poem to this City, poem
Alfredo Zaldívar - Against Emotion, poem
Laura Ruíz Montes - Qué noche la de aquel a.o, poem
Laura Ruíz Montes - Going Shopping, poem
Laura Ruíz Montes - The Wait, poem
Philip Jason - The Bees Laugh, story
Rachel Heng - Vegetarian, story
Alicia Ostriker - Four Men around a Card Table, Columbus & 97th, poem
Alicia Ostriker - The Liberal Arts, poem
Matthew Shenoda - Oil and Myrrh, poem
R. T. Smith - Maricón, poem
Barbara Ganley - Unidentified Flying Object, story
Hera Naguib - The Interview, poem
Kobus Moolman - His Tongue, poem
Kobus Moolman - Dear Letter, poem
Pamela Sutton - Burning My Birth Certificate, poem
Pamela Sutton - Afraid to Pray, poem
Anthony Cody - Pete Seeger Sings ‘‘Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)’’ above the Hudson River Valley, poem
Brynne Rebele-Henry - The Small Elf People, story
Patricia Jabbeh Wesley - The Creation, poem
Patricia Jabbeh Wesley - Hair, poem
Patricia Jabbeh Wesley - I’m Afraid of Emptiness, poem
Ashley Wong - Poinsettia Anniversary, poem
Kirun Kapur - Parvati at Her Bath, poem
Kirun Kapur - Treatment, poem
Kirun Kapur - Pelvis with Distance, poem
Ray McManus - For the Hardest to Reach Places, poem
Kaitlyn Teer - Drawing a Breath, essay
Wyatt Townley - Walking Water, poem
Matthew Sweeney - Seagulls, poem
Patricia Clark - Harebells, poems
Patricia Clark - Lamentation, poems
Keetje Kuipers - Wolf, story
Anne Champion - The Book of Sumud, poem
Jennifer Franklin - While Waiting, Godot Interrupts, poem
Michael Hettich - To Start an Orchard, poem
D. M. Aderibigbe - Confession of a Hungry Son, poem
Allison Lee Blyler - Girl Held by Ghost, poem
Kathryn Nuernberger - The Invention of Childhood, poem
Kara Krewer - Freeway, poem
Kara Krewer - Chula, poem
Jean Kane Rosemary - Inchoate, poem
Jean Kane Rosemary - Faddle on Fiddle in the Water, poem
Jonah Bornstein - Man and Woman, poem
Gerard Malanga - Dad 3, poem
Amanda Morris - Doak Cox and the Woodcut, essay


Leland Cheuk - The Sellout, Paul Beatty
Luiza Lodder - Swing State, Michael T. Fournier
Sokunthary Svay - Gruel, Bunkong Tuon
Tom Griffen - Heresies, Orlando Ricardo Menes
Kate Partridge - Prayer in Wind, Eva Saulitis

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