Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2017 Spring Volume 91 Number 1

Table Of Contents

E. M. Tran - Miss Saigon, essay
Terese Svoboda - Camp Clovis, story
Gbenga Adesina - Comptrollers, poem
Gbenga Adesina - Stones, poem
Gbenga Adesina - Discography, poem
Anis Shivani - Confessions, poem
Danielle Sellers - Epithalamion for the Long Dead, poem
Danielle Sellers - Fragments of Miss Ginny, poem
Robert Nazarene - Grandson, poem
Atar Hadari - The Larkin Suite, poem
Atar Hadari - The Explosion, poem
Chisom Okafor - Memoir of a Silent Friday, poem
Leslie Adrienne Miller - What the Management Professional Saw at the Not Quite End, poem
Elizabeth Scanlon - A Way of Being, poem
Peter Marcus - A River as We Had Been Told, poem
Kristin Robertson - Anecdote of the Jar, or A Gift from My Dead Californian Housemate, poem
Kristin Robertson - Hiking to Le Cimetiére Marin, poem
Kristen Gleason - Neftali, story
Faisal Mohyuddin - Migration Narrative, poem
Faisal Mohyuddin - Poems of Arab Andalusia, poem
Sunisa Nardone - Manning A Name to Ward Off Ghosts, essay
Ben Naka-Hasebe Kingsley - Obon, Festival of the Dead, poem
William Wright - Anodyne, poem
William Wright - Nocturne with Cottonmouth and Blood, poem
Jonathan Escoffery - Chasing Carlos, story
Nina Lindsay - Goodbye, poem
Nina Lindsay - Rhythm of Sleeping on One’s Feet, poem
Julie L. Moore - Weights & Measures, poem
Flower Conroy - Welcome to the Fall, poem
Brandi Nicole Martin - Todd and the Tree, poem
Twyla Hanson - Along the Oregon Trail, poem
Malcolm H. Kenyon - Peat Fire, poem
Amanda Allen - An Old Friend, poem
Amanda Allen - After Leaving, poem
Amanda Allen - Mistake, poem
Michelle Chen - Spring in the Asylum, essay
Paula Carter - Lessons in Almost Motherhood, essay
Brenna Gomez - Corzo, story
Chris Green - Prodigal Daughter, poem
M. L. Brown - Stormy, poem
M. L. Brown - Some Days I Would Place, poem
Peter Vanderberg - Son of Waves, poem
Peter Vanderberg - Drawing the Ocean, poem
Eleanor Stanford - Dona Aúrea, poem
Eleanor Stanford - The Midwives, poem
Eleanor Stanford - Dona Terezinha’s Oriole, poem
Eleanor Stanford - Dona Orínia’s Hyacinth Macaw, poem
Colette Tennant - At My Mother’s Funeral, My Cousin Tells Me I Have a Sister, poem
Emily Lackey - Spineless, essay


Patrick Madden's Sublime Physick reviewed by Ryan McIlvain
Ruth Madievsky's Emergency Brake reviewed by Nathan Goldman
Aracelis Girmay's The Black Maria reviewed by Sokunthary Svay

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