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Farewell Kim Thompson: A Sad Day for the Ninth Art

Richard Graham's Literature as Comics
Kim Thompson
The comics world lost a great figure on Wednesday, June 19. Fantagraphics co-publisher and editor Kim Thompson finally succumbed to lung cancer, just four months after receiving his diagnosis. He left behind caring family and friends and nearly four decades of work that featured a galaxy of artists and writers.

Bringing Classic Tales to a Modern Reader

Literature as Comics
Pictures of Classic Comics
Bringing Classic Tales to a Modern Reader: Literature as Comics This is the eleventh installment of an ongoing series written for the blog by Richard Graham. Richard is an associate professor and media services librarian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he studies the educational use of comics and serves as the film and art history liaison. His posts examine the connections of UNL, Nebraska, and the larger literary world with the comics medium.
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