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Natalie Diaz

Shoot Lists, Not Drugs, Or, The Great List Rapture

Natalie Diaz on Sports & Poetry
A Grocery List
This is not the blog I planned on writing this time around, but how could I not be carried away by the Great Depressing List Fad of 2013, or judging by the myriad commentary and speculation and prediction on Facebook, what we might as well call The Great List Rapture: Everyone got put on the list, but I was left out.


Sports Blog Series by Natalie Diaz
Basketball Photo
The following is the introductory blog for Natalie Diaz’ Basketball/Sports Blog series. She was part of the Old Dominion Lady Monarch basketball team that made it to the NCAA Championship game in 1997. After playing professional basketball in Europe and Asia for several years, Diaz returned to Old Dominion and completed a double MFA in poetry and fiction.
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