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June 2013

Farewell Kim Thompson: A Sad Day for the Ninth Art

Richard Graham's Literature as Comics
Kim Thompson
The comics world lost a great figure on Wednesday, June 19. Fantagraphics co-publisher and editor Kim Thompson finally succumbed to lung cancer, just four months after receiving his diagnosis. He left behind caring family and friends and nearly four decades of work that featured a galaxy of artists and writers.

Novelist Eileen Pollack Writes us a Poem

Eileen Pollack
Four days before July, Eileen Pollack took the plunge—she wrote us an original poem to support our “Take a Chance: Subscribe”campaign. Subscribe here! Then read—and hear—Eileen’s poem below.

What Do we Need to Believe to Make Sense of the World?

An Interview with Becky Hagenston by James Madison Redd
Photo of Becky; Credit Troy DeRego
Becky Hagenston’s first collection of stories, A Gram of Mars, won the Mary McCarthy Prize. Her recent collection, Strange Weather, won the Spokane Prize for Short Fiction and was published in 2010. Her stories have appeared in the O. Henry Anthology, The Southern Review, Mid-American Review, The Gettysburg Review, Crazyhorse, and many other journals.

Everyone Can Write A Gloomy Poem, or At Awhitu There’s Just Walking and Resting, Writing, Reading

An Interview with Sarah Broom, Conducted by Ryan Van Winkle
Photo of Sarah Broom
Sarah Broom's first collection was completed after learning she had stage-four lung cancer in 2008. At twenty-eight weeks pregnant, she was given only months to live. When blogger Ryan Van Winkle met her in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2011 she had given birth to her daughter and was bravely writing her second collection, Gleam, while submitting herself to an exhausting regime of drug trials and treatments in Auckland, Melbourne, and Boston.

Novelist Benjamin Percy Writes us a Poem

Benjamin Percy (http://www.benjaminpercy.com) is feeling daring—he wrote us an original poem to help us sell subscriptions for our “Take a Chance: Subscribe!” campaign throughout the month of June. Subscribe here. Read—and hear!—Percy’s poem below.


The Black Draught

The pale face smearing the midnight window.

The staticy voices hissing and popping over the baby monitor.

The semi-driver wearing a clown mask in the rearview mirror.

The doll opening its marble eyes and hollow mouth and rasping out a name, yours.


Novelist Colin Channer Writes Us a Poem

Colin Channer
In support of our June subscription campaign, which we’re calling “Take a Chance: Subscribe!” acclaimed novelist Colin Channer took a risk and experimented outside his normal genre. Here’s the poem, followed by an audio recording.

Briefly Noted

Monthly book reviews in brief from the staff of Prairie Schooner and associates.
Imperial Nostalgias by Joshua Edwards

Monthly book reviews in brief from the staff of Prairie Schooner and associates.

Vol. 2 Issue 3. June 2013. Ed. James Madison Redd.

Imperial Nostalgias by Joshua Edwards | Reviewed by Jeff Alessandrelli

Syzygy, A Beauty by T Fleischmann | Reviewed by Jericho Parms

The Days are Gods by Liz Stephens | Reviewed by Jacqueline H. Harris