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April 2014

'Poems are a Lightning Rod'

An Interview with Paula Meehan, conducted by Ryan Van Winkle

Paula Meehan is an extraordinary poet from a country reknowned for extraordinary poets. She is attuned to the tragedy, turmoil, and suffering of people both close to her and far away. Her work boldly stares down and seems to absorb trauma while remaining startling upbeat, caring, and even optimistic. We began this excerpt from my Scottish Poetry Library podcast by talking about her home in Ireland.

A Celebration and A Goodbye

by Benjamin Curttright

Last Wednesday, Prairie Schooner staff, submitters, and subscribers gathered at the UNL International Center for Quilt Studies, for what was in some ways a celebration and in others a goodbye. The occasion: the publication of Fetish by Orlando Ricardo Menes and Domesticated Wild Things by Xhenet Aliu, winners of the 2012 Prairie Schooner Book Prize. The presenters: Menes and Aliu, composers Casey Kettler and Rachel Whelan, photographer Josh Fiedler, and Prairie Schooner Editor-in-Chief Kwame Dawes.x

orlando ricardo menes and xhenet aliu

(Xhenet Aliu and Orlando Ricardo Menes before the reading)

Dealing with Literary Rejection: Tips from Sarah Fawn Montgomery

Every writer experiences rejection. Yet we tend to suffer in silence, nursing our egos and refreshing our inboxes for news of the next editorial decision. Is there a better way to approach this inevitability of literary life? The answer is yes! Here are some tips for preventing, and getting over, the rejection blues.