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June 2014

Briefly Noted - June 2014

Quick-to-Read Monthly Reviews

Monthly book reviews in brief from the staff of Prairie Schooner and associates.

Vol. 3 Issue 4. June 2014. Ed. Paul Clark.

Conversations by César Aira (trans. Katherine Silver) | Reviewed by Jeannie Vanasco The Keys to the Jail by Keetje Kuipers | Reviewed by Gabrielle Bates The Dark by Sergio Chejfec (trans. Heather Cleary) | Reviewed by Jack Hill

It's Just a Little Prick

An Interview with Peter Goldsworthy, Conducted by Ryan Van Winkle

Peter Goldsworthy is an Australian man-of-letters with a wide-range of accomplishments and accolades. He's a novelist, a poet, an essayist and (where does he find the time?) a doctor. In a sprawling, in-depth, conversation recorded at the Clunes Booktown Festival in Australia we talked about the variety and scope of his work. The excerpt here is a small fraction of the insight, humour and sheer story-telling prowess on display in our original interview.

Ryan Van Winkle: The Scottish poet Norman MacCaig always claimed writers who did both tended to write novels to make money, but always felt poetry was the “real thing”. Do you have a particular loyalty?