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December 2016

Briefly Noted: Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer

reviewed by Michael Lindgren
12/7/16-- Michael Lindgren reviews Anne Boyer's freewheeling book of prose poetry "Garments Against Women", a text that improvises on themes of feminist identity, precarity, illness, the nature of capital, and the twin poles of production and consumerism.

"Who is American? How do we decide, and who decides?" an interview with E.M. Tran

by Sarah Fawn Montgomery

SFM: Why are you drawn to the genre of nonfiction? What about its history or form speaks to you? What compels you to write about truth, history, and your own experience?

"Too hurt by the light not to write about it": a conversation with Emily Skaja

The Sillerman First Book Prize closes today! To celebrate, Book Prize Coordinator Katie Schmid Henson talks with emerging writers about the book publication process. This week, award-winning poet (and future winner of the Pulitzer) Emily Skaja talks to her best friend and one-time roommate about Lucie Brock-Broido, how sending out your unsolicited manuscript is almost exactly like sexting, and whether or not the void can be said to GAF.

Dear Emily: Can you tell me about your first book? What's it about? What does it do?