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Cover Preview: The Ireland Issue

The Ireland Issue

Our Winter 2011 issue will be shipping in the next few weeks. The issue is a particularly strong one and we're eager to share it with everyone. Here is a preview of its beautiful cover art.


The cover photograph of the Irish number is very familiar to many Irish but might not be to some of your readers. It is the waterfront at Cobh (pronounced Cove),County Cork. It is particularly appropriate since it is the port from which over a third of the Irish emigrated to North America. Part of the symmetry Stephen C.Behrendt refers to in his introduction; next stop New York Harbour.

It was also the last port of call for RMS Titanic in 1912. And in 1915 it received the received the survivors and victims off RMS Lusitania which was sunk by a German U-Boat off the Cork coast. There were 1198 casualties, of which over a hundred are buried in a local graveyard.

The number looks great and the content is excellent. Nice to be included. Best of luck with it.