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Goodbye, Ted!

Many thanks to outgoing Web Editor Ted Wheeler for all his work on the journal! Here are some parting words from Ted himself.

In my 4.5 years with Prairie Schooner, I worked as Editorial Assistant, Senior Fiction Reader, Blog & Social Networking Editor and Web Editor. Originally, I asked for a volunteer spot on the journal to help me stay in touch with a literary community and sharpen my editorial eye after I graduated with an MA from Creighton University, and then Managing Editor James Engelhardt obliged. I was coming to Lincoln on a weekly basis at the time for my job as a legal reporter, so it was handy enough to stop into the Schooner office to trade out the paper submissions I'd read for some fresh ones. Four years later it was online submissions and I was working as Web Editor, helping to launch a Kindle edition of the journal and develop a mobile app, among other projects. I never really expected to rise above the Editorial Assistant position, so seeing how many features we've been able to launch, and how many quality stories I helped fish out of the slush pile and shepherd into the journal, I'm very grateful for the opportunity to do good work.

We'll miss you, Ted! Stay tuned for an introduction to the new Web Editor!