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The Voice of the Creator

The Voice of the Creator

By Chu Giang Phong Trinh Tuan

  • Bui Hoang Tam
  • Ha Van Tinh
  • Hoang Viet Hang
  • Hoang Anh Tuan
  • Tran Quang Quy
  • Thach Quy
  • Vo Que
  • Nguyen Thanh Nga
  • Lu Thi Mai
  • Pham Thi Mai Khoa
  • Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat
  • Nguyen Duc Mau
  • Nguyen Huu Hong Minh
  • Nguyen Quang Hung
  • Nguyen Huu Ha
  • Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc
  • Le Vinh Tai
  • Nguyet Pham

Poetry is the voice of the Creator that resides inside human souls. Poetry is the grace of heaven and earth that finds refuge in the words. Thanks to poets, heaven and earth have become more intimate with human lives.

As someone who practices the art of calligraphy, I live from words. Whenever I find a good poem or a fresh poetic idea, I feel equally happy and joyful, as if I am allowed to take part in a banquet blessed generously by heaven and earth.
These poems about the theme "Aunts," which I have had the honor to create the calligraphy works for, have moved me deeply. Each of the poems holds such dear, affectionate, and familiar images that readers can't help but recognize their own relatives in the verses. I would not want to write an essay mentioning about a particular poem, because that would be a shortcoming. We need all the hearts of those poets involved in this project to be able to contain the images of our aunts in this special poetry jar.

Regardless of their situations and circumstances, it seems Vietnamese women can't escape their fates. It seems they must represent a difficult life, they must represent sacrifice, and they represent unconditional love. In other words, they are the ambassadors of the Creator; they come to earth to share with us the beauty that God has hidden inside the hearts of women from the beginning of time.

I can say that I am indeed lucky for being entrusted with the task of creating artwork from these verses with my brush. I am luckier, because in each poem and each poetic idea, I have recognized my own mother, aunts, sisters, as well as my wife, who exist in these poems with their endless and most beautiful love.


Trinh Tuan

Born in 1981 in Thanh Hóa Province, Trinh Tuan is a pioneer artist in Vietnamese calligraphy. Eleven exhibitions have been held in his honor. He has made national records with two giant artworks: a book of poetic calligraphy containing the verses of Nguyen Du's The Tale of Kiều (total length of 300 meters) and a book of historical calligraphy (weighing 300 kilograms) containing Vietnam's statements of independence declared by Ly Thuong Kiet, Nguyen Trai and Ho Chi Minh over our hundreds of years of history. Well-received by the Vietnamese public, Trinh Tuan's calligraphy works are displayed in several Vietnamese museums as well as in many Vietnamese homes.

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