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1318 opposable

1318 opposable

By Madeleine Lee

the phalanx bones are named
based on the distance to the heart
proximal intermediate distal
side by side row by row
as it happens in primates
the thumb with only two phalanges
are just tilted enough to allow

the ancient greek army arranged
their hoplites in tight formation
shoulder to shoulder
armed with eight foot pikes
like a rogue porcupine
perhaps the innermost column
was slightly angled to allow
pincer attacks


Madeleine Lee

Madeleine Lee serves on the boards of several Singapore government-owned companies, non-profit organisations, and arts groups and works as an investment manager. She has published several volumes of poetry, including a single headlamp, fifty three/zero three, y grec (co-written with Eleanor Wong), synaesthesia, and one point six one eight.

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