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Old Burning-Bones

Old Burning-Bones

By Michael Bullock

Old burning-bones, my father,
died the death
of a thousand wives
on a bed of rosy thorns.

His spirit now in tattered trousers
above the branches where the wind is wet
and snow forms soft ruffs around the neck.

His body was consigned
to licking flames
that turned him into wind-blown ash
and soot

to fill tall chimneys
and obscure the view,
through crystal panes,
of flowers that nod their heads and wisely smile
at all male antics and their foolish strife.

Prairie Schooner, Vol. 39, No. 4 (Winter 1965/66), p. 328


Michael Bullock

Michael Bullock published more than fifty collections of poetry and fiction. He celebrated his 85th birthday in the United Kingdom with a three-week retrospective exhibition of his books and artwork under the title “Michael Bullock and his Universe.”

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