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All Grass Is Flesh

All Grass Is Flesh

John Haag

Ai, what a season—fruit as fat as butter
and half the women in the county pregnant,
the muscats growing rounder by the minute
and every hour the melons getting sweeter:
my senses squirt pure nectar, and the pen
drips honey. The sun mounts like a rutting stallion,
covers the valley- bathes a seeding valley . . .
The cerebellum simmers in its pan—
the world is flesh, and all of me is man.

Prairie Schooner, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Fall 1962), p. 216


John Haag (1926-2008) published three collections of poetry: The Mirrored Man, The Brine Breather, and the award-winning Stones Don’t Float: Poems Selected and New. Many of his poems addressed his experiences in the Merchant Marines. He taught English at Pennsylvania State University for more than thirty years.