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The Secret of Life


The Secret of Life

Quisar Aminpour

The bud was conversing with its own sad heart:
Life is losing your lips to laughter, sitting inside your solitude.
The flower said with laughter:
Life is blooming and speaking of secrets with a green tongue.
The dialogue between bud and flower from the garden
Still echoes in the ear.
What do you think?
Which one is right?
I think the flower pointing to the secret of life.
Well, it is a flower!
The flower is more experienced,
Has changed a few more leaves!

Mahnaz Badihian


Author Photo Of Quisar Aminpour

Gheisar Aminpour was born in Iran. He earned a Ph.D. in Persian literature and was a beloved and important face of recent Iranian poetry. He published many literary and poetry books before dying at the age of 48. There is a street named after him in Tehran.