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Baying Boots

Baying Boots

By Solomon Manzi

'Boot Boot Boot …'
A sound without end …
A world without friend

Distant howls poke at the silence
Breaths heavy, brows sweaty
Mocking our lungs
In out … Out in …
Breathless …
In out … Out in …
Merciless …

Ants float across the barren brown,
A black stream of fire-men,

 'Boot, boot, boot …'
A sound without end …
A world without friend …

In dread, onwards we tread …

We refuse the excuse
That we have no power to choose

Ahead – we plod
Heads bowed … wills un-sold
Our boots are telling the story


Solomon Manzi

Solomon Manzi thinks of himself as a naturalist. Professionally trained to manage building construction, he has grown an interest in a more conservation-based approach to building human habitation. His poetry therefore is laced with themes of naturalism and founded on a secular awe for how the wonders of the cosmic universe evoke artistry in men. Manzi lives and works in his native Uganda, East Africa.

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