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Honey Granulates

Honey Granulates

By Floyd Powell

In the Spring and Summer
Bees gather honey.

But we were young,
Too young to know
Just why it was
We wandered hand in hand
And enjoyed the little things.
(The dandelion you held under
my chin to see if I liked butter)

Honey from sweet clover
Is a mild, water-white honey.

Ah, how we laughed
And talked and sang
In beauty.
(Clicking heels
On city streets)

Honey from orange blossoms
Is a sweet, tangy honey.

Then one night we found
Love in the moon.
And for many nights
(Tall grasses bend
With the summer breeze)

Honey from sage
Is a strong, amber honey.

For just a year
We went thus, hand in hand,
With love.
(Was it you who first remembered
Some long-forgotten Way)

In the cold
All honeys granulate
But sweet clover honey
Least of all.

Prairie Schooner, Vol. 8, No. 2 (Spring 1934)


Floyd Powell was an alumnus of the University of Nebraska who lived in Elder, South Dakota. His work appeared multiple times in the early days of Prairie Schooner.

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