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If the Soles of my Shoes had Wings

If the Soles of my Shoes had Wings

By Susan Piwang

Today when you
Chased me into a corner
Where I hugged the wall like a frightened child
I wished in the midst of my terrified tears

That the soles of my shoes had wings...


My shoes let me down
They carried me right into your trap
And delivered me
Breathless and weary
Into your claws.

They may have soles
But no empathy.

If the soles of my shoes had wings...

On the other hand
Would love me
When you trapped me in a corner
They wouldn't shrug and say
"Oh well, I've done what I can."
And decide to wear out.
They'd spread themselves out like a fan
And lift to the skies
Taking me with them
Leaving you behind.
Meanwhile, airborne
I would laugh above your head
And take in the view, instead
Of closing my eyes
And waiting for you to strike.

If the soles of my shoes had wings...

Wings are much better than shoes, you see
Anything tied to the ground
Holds you down
But with wings on my feet
I'd only be free.


Susan Piwang

Susan Cate Mudibo Piwang is an aspiring writer. Born in 1994 to Ugandan parents, she grew up in Kampala City, Uganda where she began reading and writing at an early age. She won first place in the BN Poetry Award in 2012. Some of her work was also longlisted and shortlisted for international writing contests, including the Litro & IGGY International Short Story Award for Young Writers and Ghana Poetry Prize. She is currently studying engineering at North Carolina State University, where she also continues to cultivate her creative writing. She hopes to write and publish a novel someday.

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