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Loss of sole

Loss of sole

By Sanyu Kiyimba-Kisaka

You could tell by the way

His gait waned off his shoulders

By the way his hip adjusted
to make room for the toes
that wished to be set free.

By the smile on his face
which was a generous grimace,

By the silent scream of pain and a fa├žade of comfort

That he could handle the butler's sole
just a little longer;

Waning while wearing,
wishing, still wearing-

Just a little longer
Before he lost his sole.


Sanyu Kiyimba-Kisaka

Sanyu Kiyimba-Kisaka is a dancer, poet, playwright, actress, and singer. She started writing poetry at the age of seven and had her first poetry debut at the age of thirteen. She then went on to win the BN Poetry Award in 2011 for "A Handswing of Disguised Depravity." Sanyu is currently completing her bachelor's degree in theater at New York University Abu Dhabi and will continue on for a masters in dance education at NYU Steinhardt. She is interested in the power of the performing arts as a means to transform people's minds and societies to think differently about themselves.

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