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Saturday nights

Saturday nights

By Rosey Sembatya

To scale a tree
and never touch fruit!

I'll tell you.

I have lived long
long days of thirst
but those are never the worst.

I have looked the prize in the eye
Me, winking
It, back

Along comes Saturday night
My heart can hardly stand.

She wears lace

tinglings of flesh
play hide and seek
I stare
cast in the tempter's wake.
never wanting to leave

like a finger at a sweet spot
a madness beyond compare

now I know
lace is the worst.


Rosey Sembatya

Rosey Sembatya delights in many things education, children, and words. Quite often, she sets out to write for children but innuendos easily flow off her chest and stand in the way. She is in the process of growing Malaika Oasis, a plan to include a children's library, academic puzzle books, and a schools placement wing.

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