Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence

When vision opened my eyes

My eyes! I cannot see the wind nor its presence
Yet I am encouraged to fathom what it could all mean,
Mimicking shadows of courageous acts,
urged to lose all fear and keep my dignity intact.

When I saw man worship prison bars open,
I did not believe because I had no vision,
My eyes were open, but scales were upon them,
Had my faith been obscured by the world’s tempest roaring?

My eyes! I cannot see the river nor its current,
Yet still I’m poured out into pure and utter knowledge,
Wisdom insisting that I be acknowledged,
To walk by devotion and drench in all of heaven.

When I saw chariots of fire swoop nations,
Off of their prideful feet
Still I did not believe,
Living by sight because I was still in the womb,
Not yet born to faith in full bloom.

When vision opened my eyes, it was only then
That I knew
A man without direction
Is tossed and turned, unstable without use,
Purpose had driven my senses to a cue
That I had to fill because of my destiny.

When vision opened my eyes, it was only then that I knew.