Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence

Home of birth

Him divine places his warmth on my vessel of life
As if clasping his hand around Mother Nature’s palm and fingers
A conversation so unearthly that only Heavens indulge in
One of creation, of a breath, a cry and a sigh
Of spirituality and crafted uniquely for each life giveth

The imagery is a beauty of a microcosmic energy
Sourced from chemistries found and unbound through a godly mastery
A plantation of futures irreplaceable once chosen
One of color, surprises, joy, and unconditional love
Of strength, light, hope, and all things sent from above

I am in possession of a tender gift given unswift
My day of birth as a girl to woman to give the worked another queen
instrumental to another child of girlish abundance
A ferry of existence rewarded and forever marked
It is not a duty, a responsibility, but a symbol of gratitude
There lies a reconstruction of individual fertility

Engrave on tombs and hieroglyphs
As part of two
Worn proud on heads and crowns
Marked as a true identification as the other half of life
The reason why the Sun chases the Moon
Gathering clouds harboring us in—cocooned
When He and She relive the art of rebirth
From the stars their delight down to soils in the Earth
My left hand to my womb—life is sworn
My right hand to my heart—love is born
This life I will depart
Swarmed unto unspoken truth
Home of Birth—My Womb.

Author Comment

“I wrote this poem thinking about my daughter and the notion of motherhood to me, as well as the themes of divinity and nature coming to meet and work together, like man and woman. As a woman, the importance of the womb is sometimes taken for granted, therefore I have a core appreciation for it as I have used mine and intend to bring more life through it.”