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Sean M. Whelan & the Interim Lovers

A Ghost in the Golden Sheep Massage Parlour

“A Ghost in the Golden Sheep Massage Parlour” was first published on the Cordite site in 2009. Cordite’s spoken word editor is Emilie Zoey Baker.

Sean Whelan and the Interim Lovers

Sean M Whelan & The Interim Lovers rose from the ashes of a previous collaboration, Sean M Whelan & Mime Set. The Interim Lover's debut performance was at the 2009 Overload Poetry Festival in Melbourne. They have written and created a full length show together called “Softly & Suddenly,” an ekphrastic love story written in response to Lewis Carroll’s “Hunting of the Snark.” Their debut album, a recording of this show, was released in 2010. “Softly & Suddenly” was also the winner of the Shelton Lea award for best group performance. They are currently working on releasing a new collection of recordings in 2012.