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Maxine Beneba Clarke

Plantation Rumours

Maxine Beneba Clarke’s “Plantation Rumours” was first published on the Cordite site in 2009. Cordite’s spoken word editor is Emilie Zoey Baker.

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Maxine is a poetry slam champion whose writing has been published in The Age, The Big Issue, Going Down Swinging, The Koori Mail and Overland. Her novel Black Lazarus was the winning manuscript in Overland’s 2008 Novel Search, and she is the author of three poetry collections: Original Skin (Picaro Press 2008), and Gil Scott Heron is on Parole (Picaro Press, 2010) and the forthcoming Nothing Here Needs Fixing. She is currently at work on her first non-fiction book, The Hate Race.


A Typical Day At Work 

Her typical day at work entails:
get up / undress baby / feed baby / dress baby /get boy up / feed boy / get boy back up / get boy to bath / get boy back up / bribe boy to dress / get boy back up / pack boy’s lunch / help boy find bag / help boy pack bag / find boy’s hat / dress self

/ eat cold toast / nice

family time / something smells

change baby / walk boy to school / pick up rattle / keep walking / pick up bottle / keep walking / pick up hat / keep walking / pick up baby / boy is late
/ experience bad-mother-guilt

laugh / dismiss bad-mother-guilt / park with baby / play with baby / feed baby / baby sleeps / put wash on / pitch piece / put wash out / write blog / wash up / write poem / phone editor / write intro to new article / send invoice

baby awake

feed baby / read to baby / cook dinner / vacuum

/ get boy from school

pick up rattle / keep walking / pick up bottle / keep walking / pick up hat / keep walking / pick up baby

play with kids in park / homework with boy

dinner / clean food from baby’s hair/ kitchen/floor/walls/boy/ceiling/cupboards/carpet/clothes/light fittings/windows/skirting boards/soul/& self / undress baby / bathe baby / dress baby / put baby to bed / try to get boy to bed / feed boy dessert / try to get boy to bed / read boy book / try to get boy to bed / play six board games with boy

boy in bed

pick up self / undress self / shower / dress self / brush teeth / wash up / pay bills online /eat cold toast / ignore phone ringing / ignore text messages / turn off laptop / sleep.

get up at 2am

check unread text messages / check missed calls / check unread emails / swear a lot

email publisher / email editor / email sister / email boy's teacher

/ check kids are still alive and in bed / check fridge for chocolate / eat chocolate