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Lorin Ford

Variations on six innocent lines

The way to Blake is to open the door for Chaucer

Spring the bawdy house.
That'll bring 'em on-scent. I am a woman.
Refer to them as slip-ons, Dear, not brothel-creepers.
Mirror balls. Multi-focal lenses.
Stalked by an apogee. Round midnight, would you believe.
I have a council permit.

I pose the portentous by placing vacancy beside cut lilac.

Heinz factory. Not much pay.
I might mention geometry. A trapezoid carrot with a sexual angle.
How to give orders while hinting at invitation.
Something odd about that mirror in the Ladies'.
The dark moon. The period. The full stop. Get it?
The i on the vanishing point. Dotted.

Fan-in-hand=butterfly=transience=Get it Now!

Ah, “slave to chrysanthemums.”
I could work in the crescent moon.
Do not assume that they mean haiku as you do.
The back of the mirror. Look at that!
A master follows. Folded hands.
Nevertheless, my view to publication.

Lorin Ford’s “Variations on six innocent lines” were first published in Cordite 26: Innocence (2007). The guest poetry editor for this issue was MTC Cronin.

Lorin Ford

Lorin Ford left school early, preferring a 'glamorous' career in hairdressing to her year 9 correspondence lessons. Later, she received an Honours degree in English Literature, then a Dip. Ed. and subsequently taught high school English and ESL. This century, she studied for a Dip. Prof. Writing & Editing.

Lorin’s “long” poems have appeared in various Australian journals and anthologies, including Best Australian Poems 2005. One of her pantoums was broadcast on the ABC radio programme, Poetica. Her haiku have been widely published in Australian and overseas journals and anthologies including the Red Moon Anthologies 2008, 2009 and 2010, Montage: The Book and A New Resonance #7. Her collection, a wattle seedpod, was awarded first place in the Haiku Society of America Memorial Merit Book Awards, 2009.

Her collection of haiku and other short poems, A Few Quick Brushstrokes, is one of the winners of the 2011 Snapshot Press eChapbook Contest. She was one of the four founding editors of Notes for the Gean and haiku editor for its first through ninth issues. She is a founding editor and haiku editor for the new haikai journal, A Hundred Gourds (found at http://ahundredgourds.haikuhut.com//index11.html).

A Typical Day At Work 

Having retired from paid work, my typical work day is spent in haikai journal activities such as arguing the toss with a team of American, British and Canadian editors about journal planning by email, reading and responding to submissions, wondering why I never married a fisherman and headed far North, and other typical poetry related activities.