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FUSION 9 - Libations, With Poems, Art, and Essays from Ghana

Just as a libation can be poured using various potable liquids and mixtures, so this collection of poems goes to serve one purpose. The collection is in itself, a libation.

Libations is the theme of our latest FUSION, a collaboration with Ghana and the ninth edition of our FUSION series. Each FUSION features poems from both the Prairie Schooner archives and a different country around the world, along with essays and visual art all centered on a different theme. (Check out past FUSIONs with Hong Kong, Iran, Australia, and others here.)

FUSION 9 with Ghana features work by poets L.S. Mensah, Dannabang Kuwabong, Ellen Gilchrist, and Arthur Smith, and visual artists Bernard Akoi-Jackson and Ray Taddeucci. The screenshot above comes from Akoi-Jackson's 2012 video, The Cleansing.