Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2020 Fall Volume 94 Number 3

Table Of Contents


Dorianne Laux \ Is Anyone Missing Him?, poem

John Kinsella | Second Eclogue of the Vegetable Garden, poem

Anna Journey \ Phlebotomy with Meyer Lemons | Elegy for Paul, Who Died without a Stomach, poems

Colin Channer \ Shunting from Dakar to Casamance, poem

José Angel Araguz \ Confessions of a Former Scarecrow, poem

Martha Rhodes \ We will enter Lake Huron only to become | Neighborly | To Reclaim, poems

Marilyn Hacker \ Ghazal : أطباء القلب | Makdisi Street Calligraphies | Calligraphies XI, poems

Catina Bacote \ A World of Tangled Vines, Falling Berries, Bruised Grapes, Rough Rinds, and Ripening Flesh, essay

Daneen Wardrop \ except | on the wooden bench outside the courtroom, poems

Hannah Baker Saltmarsh \ Tarot Card Reader Waiting for Her Father, Dalí, poem

Theodora Ziolkowski \ Riding, poem

John Sibley Williams \ Sycamores, poem

Kareem Tayyar \ Visiting My Father in Iran, poem

Molly Gaudry \ Naked as the Day I Was Born, essay

Kim Coleman Foote \ Family Tree, story

Joannie Stangeland \ In the House North of Prospect Street | What Took Root, poems

Jesse Holth \ Just a Limp | I heard you muttered R.C.,poems

R. Tiara Malone \ that time u wore enyce kinda changed my life, essay

Christina Cooke \ Cyaa Look Back, essay

Marija Stajic \ Roses and Vines, story

Tracy Ryan \ Tristen | Cockle Stove, Breny-Haus | Schmerikoner Riet | Lease | Snow Prognosis, poems

A. Molotkov \ The Melting Star | A Study in Luminosity, poems

Janika Oza \ Rajni, story

Stephanie C. Trott \ Without Pity, story

Joshua Ackerman \ Sugardrunk, poem

Karen An-Hwei Lee \ On a Lovefeast of Yesterdays | Seven Cantos on Silence as Via Negativa | Ode to My Namesake on the Other Side of the Universe, poems

Sarah Crossland \ The Grief Work, poem

Jasmine V. Bailey \ God Bless the Child That’s Got Her Own, essay

Chika Onyenezi \ The House of a Thousand Voices, story

Athena Kildegaard  \ Prairie Daughter (1982) | Prairie Daughter (1962) | Prairie Daughter (1936) | Prairie Daughter (1877) | My Body’s a Billboard | Bathtub, poems

Blair Hurley \ Hockey Girls, story



Hannah Cobb \ In Accelerated Silence, Brooke Matson, review

Shannon Wolf \ Mercy: A Memoir of Medical Trauma and True Crime Obsession, Marcia Trahan, review

John Yohe \ Postcolonial Love Poem, Natalie Diaz, review



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