Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2020 Winter Volume 94 Number 4

Table Of Contents

Minnie Bruce Pratt Devouring Time | The Wasting of This Now | Corrugated, poems

Adrienne Su Abundance, poem

Marlon Hacla Miniatures, poem

Ama Codjoe At the Fish House | Posing Nude | A Storm Raged | A Family Woven Like Night through Trees | The First Night of Winter, poems

Avtar Singh The Leopard, story

Alain Mabanckou [the false prophets summon Diop] | [now the malicious word], poems

Orlando Ricardo Menes Solar de la Habana (In Praise of the Washerwomen) | Lorca in the Forest of Goatskin Trees, poems

Kabelo Motsoeneng These Beautiful Bodies, story 

Allison Grimaldi Donahue Every Illness Recalls Another, essay 

John Robert Lee Ikons, poem 

Carrie Beyer The Body Under Threat, poem 

Kiki Petrosino Quarantine | Water Wheel / Mercy Prayer, poems 

Janine Lim Oratorio Imperata, An Obligation to Pray, essay 

Esther Phillips Endings, poem 

Tiffany Jimenez When the Radio Disappeared, story 

Diane Beck Ears Heavy, Eyes Shut | Crossing the Channel Late in the Year, poems 

Gabrielle C. Burton A Life in Print Preview | Out of Breath, poems 

T. Dallas Saylor Applebee’s, poem 

Renée Hamlin To Steep | House-Hunting, poems 

Bryan Head Blue Book: Touring Information for the Year 1916, poem 

Kevin Boyle Ambition at Nine, poem

Eileen Pollack Outsider Art, story

Joshua Chizoma This Story Has No Good End, story 

Michael Montlack I’ve Been Told My Birth Mother Believed in Aliens, poem]

Fay Sachpatzidis You play Love, poem 

Angela Voras-Hills Haunted | Two Months before My Son Leaves for Belgium, We Visit the Zoo | My Mother the Mannequin, poems 

Amy Shimshon-Santo The Future of Music, poem 

Julia Lee Barclay-Morton An Ode to Irresponsibility, essay 

Neelanjana Banerjee I Find Myself Praying in Bed at Dawn, story 

Miriam Karmel This Is the Way We Talk, essay 

Leonore Wilson Eating | Ceremony, poems 

Susannah B. Mintz Wild Work, essay 

Victoria Hudson My Dream about Dolores | At Brunch with My Stepdad, I am Grateful for My Father’s Death | Lifting Dolores, poems

A. Anupama Sunset/Sunrise | Jyoti, poems

Mary Ardery What Could Have Been, poem

Rick Campbell In Cheyenne I Consider My Father in Surgery, poem

Michelle Blake The incredible shrinking man | In love with the walking, poems

Wendy Drexler Corral, poem

Caroline M. Mar Property, poem

Daisy Odey Naming, poem

Matthew Thorburn A Photograph of Father | A Photograph of Mother, poems

Sally Van Doren St. Patrick’s Day, poem

Phuong T. Vuong This Is the Dream, poem



São Bernardo by Graciliano Ramos, trans. Padma Viswanathan
reviewed by Rome Hernández Morgan

Any God Will Do by Virginia Konchan
reviewed by Sarah Giragosian

Contributors & Cover Credit

Cover Art

Salad Days, 2019, acrylic on panels, each 16 in. x 12 in. © Jordan Buschur