Endowed in perpetuity by the Glenna Luschei Fund for Excellence
2020 Spring Volume 94 Number 1

Table Of Contents

Jackie Connelly ||| I Have Nothing to Say / and I Am Saying It, essay

Linton Kwesi Johnson ||| Goodnite, poem 

Duo Yu ||| In Spring Wind, poem

Duo Yu ||| Fall Asleep, poem

Duo Yu ||| So I Sneered, poem

Duo Yu ||| Isolation and Abyss, poem

Ed Roberson ||| Funny, poem

Ed Roberson ||| The Handle of the Door, poem

Ed Roberson ||| Bye and Bye, When the Morning Come, poem 

Ed Roberson ||| Leaving the Hotel, poem

Mary B. Moore ||| The Powers of X and the Rule of E, poem

Mary B. Moore ||| Amaryllis belladonna, poem

Mary B. Moore ||| Reeling Girl, poem

Janelle M. Williams ||| From the Closest Waffle House, story

Allison Funk ||| In the Studio: A Meditation, poem

Idris Anderson ||| Robbie, poem

Grady Chambers ||| The Older Boys, poem

Madeline Kearin ||| Mytholmroyd, story

Dana Salvador ||| Acolytes, poem

Dana Salvador ||| Less Like Miracles, poem

Michael Chitwood ||| My Tree, poem

Linette Marie Allen ||| At Least 10 Different Kinds of Silences, poem

Connor Yeck ||| Project Dribble, poem

Scott Lowery ||| The Big One, poem

Scott Lowery ||| Resagos Kings, poem

Scott Lowery ||| Howlin’ Wolf on Tour: Cedar Theater, Minneapolis, 1969, poem

Claudia Serea ||| Climbing, poem

Robert McNamara ||| A Marriage, The Late Years, poem

Erin Carlyle ||| Two Girls, poem

Erin Carlyle ||| My Cannibal, poem

Susan Terris ||| Dream of the Daub and the Wattle House, poem

Susan Terris ||| Dream of the White Snakes, poem

Itoro Bassey ||| To the Children Growing Up in the Aftermath of Their Parents’ War, story

Charlie Fiset ||| The Rebel Motel, story

Joan Mazza ||| Annie O’Hara Buys Singles, poem

Joan Mazza ||| Medicine Bag, poem

Laura Brun ||| What Color’s Your Bedroom, Paul Asked, poem

Laura Brun ||| Kenny Asks About You, poem

Danusha Laméris ||| Praying Mantis, poem

Danusha Laméris ||| Woman in the Painting, poem

Katie Berta ||| My Therapist Is Teaching Me, poem

Kristopher Jansma ||| Absences, story

Enyeribe Ibegwam ||| Saving Obadiah, story

Arthur Kayzakian ||| Rain, poem

Arthur Kayzakian ||| Armenian Folk Dance, 1915, poem

Arthur Kayzakian ||| Mothers Who Raise War Gods, Part 1: The Art of Carcass Dragging, poem

Arthur Kayzakian ||| Ararat, poem

Colby Cotton ||| The Heart, poem

Colby Cotton ||| Devotional, poem

Colby Cotton ||| Letter to My Sister, Waking in a Car in Wilmington, North Carolina, poem

Jesse Graves ||| Old Man Wandering the Roads, poem

Jesse Graves ||| Except in Memory, poem

Emily Schulten ||| Viva Voce, poem

Kelly Sievers ||| A Bright Nowhere, poem

Eric Paul Shaffer ||| On the Morning My Father Died, poem

Paul Lobo Portugés ||| Gun, poem

Paul Lobo Portugés ||| El Norte, poem

Bruce Bond ||| Book of Dolls 25, poem

Bruce Bond ||| Book of Dolls 31, poem

Linda Kunhardt ||| Sub Plot, essay


Xenk Rossouw's Xamissa, reviewed by Christian Bancroft

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