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Congratulations to Whiting Award winner Ciaran Berry!

Prairie Schooner published four poems by Ciaran Berry--"Moth Myth," "Cuckoo Spit," "A Magpie" and "High Summer at the Seafront at Portrush"--in our Summer 2004 Issue. Now we've gotten the news that Berry has received the prestigious Whiting Award, given to authors with "abundant promise of future work" according to the description in this NYT account. Our heartfelt congratulations to Berry, author of The Sphere of Birds, on this exceptional honor. 

Colin Channer Recap!

Prairie Schooner Intern Weston Poor on Monday night's event

On Monday night, Carribean author Colin Channer read from his work as part of Prairie Schooner's Visiting Writer Series. The reading took place at the Center for Great Plains Studies in downtown Lincoln. Before his reading Channer remarked that he always looks forward to seeing the writing coming out of places he¹s never been before, such as Lincoln.

The first story, "How I Met My Husband," from his short story collection Passing Through, is set on the fictional island of San Carlos. It is the story of a woman and how her travels led her to her first encounter with her husband. The extensive detail in the story created an incredibly vivid environment.

The Father of Political Comics

This is the ninth installment of an ongoing series written for the blog by Richard Graham. Richard is an associate professor and media services librarian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he studies the educational use of comics and serves as the film and art history liaison. His posts examine UNL’s, Nebraska’s, and the larger literary world’s connections with the comics medium.

“All comic books are political” --Alan Moore

Normally, now would have been a good time to discuss the neatest item a trick-or–treater could ever have received this past Halloween, the Chick Tract, but something a bit spookier has taken place that should take precedence: the Election!

Dangerous Boundaries and the Enemy of Insularity

An Interview with Poet T.R. Hummer

This interview is the fourth in the Crooked Letter Interview Series hosted by Prairie Schooner's Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd


Meet Your Senior Reader: Fiction

This series introduces you to the people who are reading your stuff

Daniel Nyikos was born in Germany to Hungarian parents and raised in America. He has an MA from Utah State University in English with a Creative Writing emphasis, and is pursuing a PhD in the same at UNL. He has been published in American Life in Poetry. When he was young he wanted to be a fighter pilot, a dinosaur or a writer and is still holding out hope for the first two.


How would you describe yourself, as a reader and writer?

The Set-Aside: A Poem with PhoToems

A Multimedia Supplement to Nance Van Winckel's Fall Issue poem!

PS Fall 2012 contributor Nance Van Winckel calls her original photo/poem/video collages "pho-toems." Watch the one she made for her poem "The Set-Aside that Becomes the Swept-Aside," which is featured in the Fall 2012 Issue of Prairie Schooner.

See more of Nance's photo-collage work here.

Briefly Noted

A monthly book review in brief from PS staff and associates

Volume 1, Issue 5. October 2012.

Redd on Michael Kardos' The Three Day Affair
Leibman on Frankie Condon's I Hope I Join the Band
Dawes on Victor LaValle's Big Machine
Jones on Joy Castro's Hell or High Water
Orsi on Evan Connell's Mrs. Bridge

Aimee Bender--Full Interview!

For Air Schooner 16, hosts Scott Winter and Stacey Waite talked to two great contemporary experimental writers, Lynn Emanuel and Aimee Bender. Hear the full interview with Bender here!

Lynn Emanuel--Full Interview!

For Air Schooner 16, hosts Scott Winter and Stacey Waite talked to two great contemporary experimental writers, Lynn Emanuel and Aimee Bender. Hear the full interview with Emanuel here!

Poetry that Travels through Place and Time

An Interview with Poet Catherine Pierce
Catherine Pierce (photo credit Megan Bean)

This interview is the third in the Crooked Letter Interview Series hosted by Prairie Schooner’s Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd. On October 2nd, 2012, he met with poet Catherine Pierce at Mississippi State University. The following is an excerpt from their meeting.


Catherine Pierce is the author of two books of poetry, The Girls of Peculiar and Famous Last Words and a chapbook, Animals of Habit (Kent State 2004).



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