EP 31: Eat Like a Writer

In this week’s episode hosts Scott Winter and Stacey Waite tantalize your taste buds with a selection of the finest gourmet selected by some of our favorite writers. First the appetizer: a poem by sixteenth-century poet John Heywood to set your palette right called “Of Books and Cheese”. Afterwards a main entree of writers’,Denise Duhamel, Aubrey Hirsh, and Chavisa Woods confess some of their favorite comfort foods followed by cooking tips from poets Allison Hedge Coke and Dawn Lonsinger. Katie Hogan, Alan Michael Parker, and Julie Dash also round out the main course. Then, for dessert, take a trip to Pennsylvania and Mississippi with writers Eugene Cross and Chris Offutt. Finally, Markus Wicker reminisces about great meals gone by. Its an amazing sampler platter of writers this week on Air Schooner.