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October 2015

“With a Bit of What I'm Sure the Kids Don't Call ‘Tude’”: Q&A With Justin Taylor

by Keene Short

Justin Taylor is the author of one novel, The Gospel of Anarchy, and two short story collections, Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever, and, most recently, Flings. He recently read here at UNL from Flings, which felt fitting, since Prairie Schooner published the title story in Summer 2012. I emailed Justin a few questions about his book, and about story collections as a genre. Enjoy!

So You Want to Submit to a Literary Journal

by Keene Short

Let’s say you’re an aspiring writer. You’ve just polished up a short story, a handful of poems, a nonfiction essay. Maybe your friends have critiqued it, or you’ve just revised it after receiving a mentor’s feedback. Certainly you should send your hard-written work to a literary journal, to a dozen literary journals. But many aspiring writers let the temptation to see their names in print, to see their work published, overpower the effort they put into actually submitting it. Here is a short list of tips for newcomers to the messy business of submitting to a journal.

Briefly Noted - October 7, 2015

Quick-to-Read Reviews

Reviews in brief from the staff of Prairie Schooner and associates.

Vol. 4 Issue 4. October 7, 2015. Ed. Paul Hanson Clark.

Excavation: A Memoir by Wendy C. Ortiz | Reviewed by Alyssa Martino Trespass by Thomas Dooley | Reviewed by Anna Saikin Things We Lost in the Fire by Vuyelwa Maluleke | Reviewed by Katie Schmid

So You Wanna Win a Book Prize?

In honor of the Prairie Schooner Book Prize and the Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets (open now!) We've revived our interview series about publishing the first book. This week, Book Prize Coordinator Katie Schmid Henson talks with Prairie Schooner contributor and novelist Kate Southwood about the process of writing her manuscript, acquiring an agent, and bringing her first novel to publication.