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Dubai International Film Festival

Jafar Panahi in This is Not a Film

[This is the third installment of an ongoing series written for the blog by Peter Rorvik. Peter is the Director of the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as Director of the Durban International Film Festival.]

With a curious mix of ultra-modern amenities alongside or often overriding traditional values Dubai is the largest city in the cluster of emirate states that comprise the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. With Iraq now very messed up, and changes afoot in previously stable Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar are perhaps the Western world’s best bet for oil if for some terrible reason(s) the supply lines from Iran are shut down.

The Official Cake of Prairie Schooner

Prairie Schooner Cake by Lorna Dawes

How about this cake?!

A huge round of applause and thanks is due to Lorna Dawes for bringing this themed pastry into the office today. The cake is covered in both fondant and buttercream frosting, with gingerbread wheels. Amazing.

Let the jealousy ensue...

Prairie Schooner Interview: Susan Blackwell Ramsey

Marianne Kunkel interviews Susan Blackwell Ramsey, winner of the 2011 Prairie Schooner Book Prize for Poetry.
Susan Blackwell Ramsey

One of the many things I admire about A Mind Like This is its broad historical spectrum. Some poems profile 19th-century authors while others incorporate aspects of contemporary life such as the phrases “I downloaded a favorite song” and “wind / that bitchslapped me.” What is gained by letting cutting-edge, colloquial diction into your poems?

A reader who continues to the next line? English is in a constant thrash, and trying to hang onto its tail can make for a fine ride as long as you have friends who will occasionally look over their glasses at you and say "No. Just ... no."

Ireland Issue Launch Recap

Prairie Schooner hosted two days of events celebrating our latest release.
Aidan Rooney

We hosted four contributors—Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Deanie Rowan Blank, Aidan Rooney (pictured), and Sandra Bunting—from our Ireland issue on campus last week.

Read what Nuala thought of her trip to Lincoln on her blog.

Publicity Associate Trey Moody had this to say about the events:

Winter Issue Launch Begins Tomorrow!

There will be events celebrating our recent Irish Issue on February 9 & 10.
Aidan Rooney

Prairie Schooner invites you to the Irish Issue Launch Party! The two-day event at the Sheldon Museum of Art, takes place on Thursday, February 9, and Friday, February 10. This free and open-to-the-public event features award-winning Irish writers included in Prairie Schooner’s Winter 2011 Special Irish Issue, along with other exciting, Irish-themed festivities.

Thursday, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., Irish authors Deanie Rowan Blank and Nuala Ni Chonchuir read and give on-stage interviews in Sheldon’s Ethel S. Abbott Auditorium, followed from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. with a panel focusing on contemporary Irish literature. (Hear Nuala Ni Chonchuir read from her story "Peach".)

Celebration Recap

Book Prize Events

Last week we hosted a few events in celebration of Prairie Schooner Book Prize winners Shane Book, James Crews, and Greg Hrbek. There was a meet-and-greet/q-and-a on Monday. Tuesday evening featured collaborative performances by the three prize-winners with UNL’s photography and dance departments.

According to Trey Moody, our events guru, the collaboration came off well.

The Web Editor

Wheeler Moves Up the Masthead

We’re pleased to announce that Theodore Wheeler has been appointed the new Web Editor of Prairie Schooner. Wheeler was previously the Blog and Social Networking Editor. He will be taking over the reins of the online presence from Timothy Schaffert.

Audio: Nuala Ní Chonchúir Reads from "Peach"

"Peach" appears in the current issue of Prairie Schooner, the 2011 Winter edition.

Also, please note that Nuala Ní Chonchúir will take part in the official Launch Party of the Winter issue next week in Lincoln. On Thursday, February 9, at 2pm, she will participate in a reading and interview at the Sheldon Museum of Art. On Friday, February 10, there will be a reception at the Sheldon from 7-8pm (with Irish-themed food and beverages!), following by readings from Nuala, Sandra Bunting, Aiden Rooney, and Deanie Rowan Blank. It's going to be a good time.

International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam

Peter Rorvik on Film

[This is the second installment of an ongoing series written for the blog by Peter Rorvik. Peter is the Director of the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as Director of the Durban International Film Festival.]

Despite widespread funding cutbacks for culture coming from a Dutch government retreating into conservatism, the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam of 2011 looked as strong as ever, entrenching wide acknowledgement that this is the worlds’ leading documentary festival.

For events of this size, IDFA scores big in respect of manageability. Eleven simultaneous screens run in the old and arty Tuchinski and the more modern de Munt cinema complex, just two minutes apart, creating a very accessible film feast in the Rembrandt Plein locale, where you can also find box office and registration facilities, filmmaker discussions and live TV talk shows.

Book Prize Celebration Next Week!

2012 Prairie Schooner Book Prize Celebration

Prairie Schooner and the University of Nebraska Press will be hosting a couple events on campus next week as part of the 2012 Prairie Schooner Book Prize Celebration. The guests of honor (and the entertainment!) feature three of our recent Book Prize winners. They are, Shane Book (2010 winner in poetry for Ceiling of Sticks), Greg Hrbek (2011 winner in fiction for Destroy All Monsters), and James Crews (2011 winner in poetry for The Book of What Stays).

The flyer at your right contains all the particulars, but, just for fun, here are the main events:


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