High School Yoga


Miss, can you play this song today in yoga class?
            I’ve been thinking about the story you told us last week
and the question you asked . . . If we are Krishna, Arjuna and everything what does it matter?

I couldn’t go to Five Points for the quinceaƱera
    not that she was a close friend or family,
she only wanted me there because I fit the height of the rest of her court.
            A good match to one of her cousins.

My boyfriend is a foot shorter than me and would’a been all mad
    if I went.
       It would turn into him yelling at me
               Go with him then if you want someone taller than me.
I didn’t want to deal with it.    I didn’t want to go anyway.
            She lied to the priest about being a virgin.
She should’a just told the priest, yes, I’ve done it       
    then maybe I would’a gone.

But we lie, we lie, Miss. I lie. She lied. Mentirosa. Everyone lies.
            But it would feel good just to say it.
                       Say things you're not supposed to say.

I’d tell my sister I HATE THE BEATLES because you listen to them
      too much.

            I would say, I’ve had sex and had a guy go down on me,
                        but I've never given a blow job.
                                   But why?

Today’s lie is tomorrow’s truth. Tomorrow, maybe, I like the Beatles
   and give a guy a blow job.

I get the Gita, the everything is everything stuff. I’m Krishna and Arjuna
    and the people he’s gonna kill even though he feels bad for them—he has to do it.

It is his to do, and if he doesn’t do it, he messes up history and shit
    like Back to the Future.

Does that answer your question, Miss?
   Do we start in mountain today, Miss?
Can I pretend to be the Sandias?