Ten Reasons Why We Cannot Seem to Make Progress


As long as the cheerleader keeps watching the movie about cheerleaders
and the businessman keeps a copy of The Art of War in his attaché case.

As long as the money retains no memory of where it has been
but keeps running like a river

Until going to war is explained in terms of child development

Until the man is shown licking his fingertips
and reaching down to brush the woman's cunt,

until her wetness wakes and matches his.
Until every candidate for Congress is required

to work for a year in the military,
rubbing lotion onto the stumps of the amputees,

which will be so frightening to most on a sexual level,
that soon only women will run for the Senate.

As long as meaning is pursued and captured
and placed on display like a trophy or a piece of meat

As long as shoppers continue
to enter the heaven of the shopping mall

like ants climbing in a long line
into the nozzle of the plastic honey container

to die in a golden profusion
of what they planned to bring home-–

As long as there are these things
that we are not allowed to think or say out loud.

Until we can speak them out loud,
we will be trapped inside the dream.