Common Love

Tear is a secret
Laughter is a secret
Love is a secret
The tear of that night was laughter of my love
I am not a story you can tell
Not a melody you can sing
Not a voice you can hear
Or something you can see
Or you can know

I am a common pain, scream me!

Tree has a word with forest
Grass with a plain
And I with you

Tell me your name
Give your hands to me
Tell me your story
And give me your heart

I have understood your roots
With your lips I have spoken for all the lips
Your hands are familiar with my hands
For the sake of those who are alive
I wept with you in solitude
I have sung the most beautiful songs
In the darkness of cemeteries
Because this year’s dead
Were in love more than anyone alive

I am talking to you
Whom I found very late
Your hands are familiar with me
Like a cloud with fields
Like rain with oceans
Like a bird with spring
And like a tree that talks with the forest
Because I have understood your roots
Because my voice knows your voice

Author Photo of Ahmad Shamloo

About the Author

Ahmad Shamloo, also known by his pen name A. Bamdad (Persian: ا. بامداد), was a Persian poet, writer, and journalist. Shamloo is arguably the most influential poet of modern Iran. His initial poetry was influenced by and written in the tradition of Nima Youshij.