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Manisha Gera Baswani


The act of painting for me is a 360-degree exercise. It allows meditative time, a structured discipline, and immense personal gratification. Nature for me has been the primal force.

Man’s entry into these visual-scapes becomes deferential, and nature yields to such transgressions with benign grace.

For me, experiences are episodic—threaded together by a language and personalized through memories, beliefs, and values. My works are reflective of distinct phases of my life, each a separate chapter of an ongoing odyssey.

Works featured in this feasts-themed Prairie Schooner Fusion are spread over a time period spanning almost fifteen years of my artistic trajectory. Since my works are autobiographical in content, family, home, food, and feasting around the dining table have consistently appeared in my work over the years.

Some works are ultrasound images of my yet-to-be-born children being nurtured in their mother’s womb; others have platters in the shape of my family members, pizzas, and even landscapes. A few works show migrations of birds and animals to lands where weather and food is in abundance.

The very recent visuals take us through a chapter of my life where I am seen juggling between the roles of a professional artist and homemaker. One such work is an installation with an egg and a small feather titled “Home…Soar…Skies.” It takes one to the pre-birth nurturing that the yet-to-be-born receives as a life force. The small feather placed right next to the porcelain white egg silently speaks of the flight of the once-nurtured.

Every time I drop a ball among the many “Manishas” I am juggling with, a new process of re-calibration begins for me to get back to my center, the egg.

My works take you through my personal spaces, among which home (and therefore food) has played an important motif.


Manisha Gera Baswani is a leading painter/photographer of the younger generation based in New Delhi. She recently showed her solo paintings and sculptures at Gallery Espace, New Delhi, after a gap of six years. She has been photographing fellow artists and those from the art fraternity in their creative spaces for almost a decade now. Her project “Artists through the lens” was shown by the prestigious Devi Foundation at the 2012 India Art Fair. Baswani has also been instrumental in co-starting a creative collective in New Delhi called Manthan, which focuses on bringing together professionals across artistic fields to share their process and methodology with peers in the fraternity to support cross-cultural dialogue in the city.

Manisha Gera Baswani
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