from When Arab Apocalypse Comes to America

Movement III: Winter

“Amidst a smell of corpses forgotten by the garbage collector sleeps the sun while perspire the plants”
– Etel Adnan, The Arab Apocalypse (XXII)

While sweat the grasses

While sunspot the tonsils

While manicure the claws

While stench the bedrot

While biscuit the blinded felines

While tense the jaws

While sterile the piss

While toothe the witness

While shriek winter the crows

While murder the poems

While Palestines the moon

While weather the news

While riot shield the pigs

While billboard the fascists

While human the shields

While tubercular the time

While living the citizens

While invertebrate the experts

While fall the stocks

While abyss the echo

While wound the history

While history the wound

While work while tether

While freeze the commit

While unwall the bulldoze

While crown the Crown

While missile the endowment

While limb the roadways

While hushmoneys the Gulf

While severs Bolivia in love

While rapture the Christians

While fractures the nation

While pisses solar the board

While imbalance the checks

While vomits the regime of the sun

While shrapnel while shrapnel

While night the Palestine

While river the sea

While dawn

About the Author

George Abraham (they/هو) is an enraged Palestinian American poet. You cannot love them or their work if you’re not resisting the escalating Zionist genocide in Gaza by any means necessary. Their literary work resisting annihilation includes serving as executive editor of Mizna and co-editor of HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE US: Palestinian Poetry (Haymarket Books, 2025). Their debut Birthright was found displaced and rain-soaked after a recent encampment police raid, which they hold in their heart more than any award. They urge all literary publishers to commit to PACBI and material support for Palestinian liberation.