Oh God! Oh Lovers!

Oh God! Oh lovers! I am lost in a love so great
Oh pain, the hidden secret will be opened up
Oh favorable wind rise up, we are a rickety ship
So we may be able to see that familiar face
These few short days we live in this world
are nothing but a fairy
So cherish kindness over any thing
Cherish roses and wine and nightingales’ songs
Saturate your taste with aroma and wine
O you compassionate, wise and life giver
One day bestow your grace upon this poor dervish
Oh you with the compassion,
Be thankful of your well-being
Be compassionate to ones in need
The happiness of life is only in two words
Kindness with friends and talking easy with foes
At the time of destitution try happiness, be drunk
Which this alchemy of life will create special wealth

Do not be rebellious, as the beloved will burn
from your pride like a candle
In the palms of the beloved stone turns to lava,
Look Alexander’s mirror is a cup of wine,
For to show you the condition of this world
The good Parsi speakers are the forgivers of life
Oh Saki give a salute to the wise Magi
Hafiz will never wear the wine-stained disguised robe
Oh you the good pure sheikh forgive us

Author Photo Of Hafez

About the Author

Hafez was a Persian classical poet, famous for his majestic ghazals. Very little credible information is know about Hafez’s life, particularly its early part. Immediately after his death, many stories, some of mythical proportions, were written about his life.