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By Claire Mei-yee Leung

night ghosts flash
feathers float with freezing
to reach the stream and thrash
weaving with weeds
they turn to a blur

some parachuting
seeds land slyly
vanish like a typhoon attack
whooshing away their roots

some paragliding
suck and cure their thirst
drift by their wills
yet nowhere welcomes their souls
except this underground garden


a photo of Claire Mei-yee Leung

Claire Mei-yee Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong. She received her M.F.A. in creative writing in English at the University of Hong Kong. Her poems have been published in CU Writing in English, HKU Creative Writers, and Imprint 2011. She also writes short stories, such as “The Birthmark” which appeared in CU Writing in English, and plays. Her play “The Grande Barbie Doll” was awarded “Outstanding Script” in the 2010 EMI Secondary School English Drama Fest. She is currently Drama Coordinator, Head of Gifted Education Committee and English Panel, at Ying Wa Primary School.

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