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November 2012

"A Book is Not Like a Baby"

An Interview with Poet Anindita Sengupta

This is the ninth in a series of blog posts by guest contributor Nabina Das, who writes about Indian books and authors.


Anindita Sengupta is a poet, writer, journalist and consultant whose first collection of poems, City of Water, was published by Sahitya Akademi in February 2010.


How do you see yourself as a new mother and writer? I’m getting very personal here.


The image is a bit blurry. There has been—and continues to be—a period of calibrating. Personal goals and dreams, mundane or magnificent, have to be weighed on the scale of how they will affect her.


Elliott Woods Recap

PS Intern Charles Hiebner describes the visiting writer's talk

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, Prairie Schooner and the University of Nebraska's College of Journalism and Mass Communications co-sponsored a visit from the Iraq-war-veteran-turned-reporter Elliot D. Woods. Woods' presentation was geared primarily toward the use of digital media in the new journalism paradigm. It didn't take long to see parallels between the print-to-digital/integrated multimedia crisis that journalism is facing and the issues facing the world of publishing as a whole. Many of his innovative solutions push the limits of all media, such as a "living website." Woods demonstrated how to be an effective multimedia communicator in an age where old and new are in a state of flux. He is not shy to embrace new technology, nor is he unaware that print media still has a place in the grand scheme of things.

Announcing the Nebraska Library Tour!

PS Editor in Chief Kwame Dawes has big plans to bring his journal to a wider Nebraska audience beyond Lincoln. Dawes, along with Managing Editor Marianne Kunkel, will spend December touring public libraries in more than 12 Nebraska cities including Alliance, Beatrice, Broken Bow and Fremont. Each visit will feature poetry readings by Dawes and Kunkel followed by a question and answer session. Kunkel will promote the journal to attendees, offering information about submissions and selling single copies and subscriptions.

Congratulations to Whiting Award winner Ciaran Berry!

Prairie Schooner published four poems by Ciaran Berry--"Moth Myth," "Cuckoo Spit," "A Magpie" and "High Summer at the Seafront at Portrush"--in our Summer 2004 Issue. Now we've gotten the news that Berry has received the prestigious Whiting Award, given to authors with "abundant promise of future work" according to the description in this NYT account. Our heartfelt congratulations to Berry, author of The Sphere of Birds, on this exceptional honor. 

Colin Channer Recap!

Prairie Schooner Intern Weston Poor on Monday night's event

On Monday night, Carribean author Colin Channer read from his work as part of Prairie Schooner's Visiting Writer Series. The reading took place at the Center for Great Plains Studies in downtown Lincoln. Before his reading Channer remarked that he always looks forward to seeing the writing coming out of places he¹s never been before, such as Lincoln.

The first story, "How I Met My Husband," from his short story collection Passing Through, is set on the fictional island of San Carlos. It is the story of a woman and how her travels led her to her first encounter with her husband. The extensive detail in the story created an incredibly vivid environment.

The Father of Political Comics

This is the ninth installment of an ongoing series written for the blog by Richard Graham. Richard is an associate professor and media services librarian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he studies the educational use of comics and serves as the film and art history liaison. His posts examine UNL’s, Nebraska’s, and the larger literary world’s connections with the comics medium.

“All comic books are political” --Alan Moore

Normally, now would have been a good time to discuss the neatest item a trick-or–treater could ever have received this past Halloween, the Chick Tract, but something a bit spookier has taken place that should take precedence: the Election!

Dangerous Boundaries and the Enemy of Insularity

An Interview with Poet T.R. Hummer

This interview is the fourth in the Crooked Letter Interview Series hosted by Prairie Schooner's Southern Correspondent, James Madison Redd