Air Schooner Hosts Scott Winter and Stacey Waite on NET’s Friday Live

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The mistake a lot of publications make is that they just repeat their content on the web, and that just doesn’t work. [The podcast] gives us insight that’s not really insider baseball for writers – it’s really accessible to the whole public.

Air Schooner hosts Scott Winter (pictured and quoted above) and Stacey Waite appeared on Nebraska Public Radio’s Friday Live arts and entertainment program last week to discuss Irish writer Nuala NĂ­ ConchĂșir in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Every other week, Winter and Waite will be back on Friday Live with clips from a different Air Schooner episode and to share background and commentary on each week’s writer with host Genevieve Randall. You may have caught their first interview with Nancy Finken back in September, and their St. Patrick’s Day discussion marks the first in a series of regular appearances.

You can listen to Friday Live on the NET website, or at Fridays at 9 a.m in the Lincoln area through NET station KUCV 91.1 FM.