Elliott Woods Recap

PS Intern Charles Hiebner describes the visiting writer’s talk

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On Tuesday, Oct. 30, Prairie Schooner and the University of Nebraska’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications co-sponsored a visit from the Iraq-war-veteran-turned-reporter Elliot D. Woods. Woods’ presentation was geared primarily toward the use of digital media in the new journalism paradigm. It didn’t take long to see parallels between the print-to-digital/integrated multimedia crisis that journalism is facing and the issues facing the world of publishing as a whole. Many of his innovative solutions push the limits of all media, such as a “living website.” Woods demonstrated how to be an effective multimedia communicator in an age where old and new are in a state of flux. He is not shy to embrace new technology, nor is he unaware that print media still has a place in the grand scheme of things. Woods showed that the old model of print-only is ineffective in today’s technology-laden world, and those who experiment as he does will be the pioneers of a new model of effective communication.