Fall Issue Highlights!

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Gentle Readers: Prairie Schooner Fall 2012 is here!!

This is the issue in which…

Alicia Ostriker personifies old women, tulips and dogs
Ted Kehoe writes the strange grief of a miscarriage
Nance Van Winckel contemplates “the lingo of smile and nod” and
Our esteemed reviewers assess the National Book Award’s “5 Under 35” selections as well as new work from Cathy Park Hong, Joe Millar and more!

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In the meantime, read these tantalizing excerpts from:

Dana Roeser
“the gull
flapping forward
and then
the silver object
in perfect side view
a definitive
fish-shape. Like
a piece of
jewelry a fetish
a filled-in
fish symbol
like one you might see
on the
back of a car signifying
a not-so-secret
allegiance to

Dinah Cox
“Newspaper reviews from long ago called him ‘The Fountain.’ Nowadays he was dried up, his tear ducts clogged with despair.”

Don Lago
“I was being followed by footprints, deep and distinct in sand that had gone without rain for weeks. I was adding a new shape to all the other shapes that only cells, with their geometrical skills, could make against the formlessness of sand.”