An Introduction from new Blog Editor, Jordan Farmer

Dear Readers,

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My introduction comes on a sad note for many Prairie Schooner Blog readers. Claire's farewell post marks the end of her tenure on the blog, and frankly, it's an intimidating act to follow. All of her work has been so full of passion and wit, it's a bit like a first time comic going on stage after George Carlin just brought the house down. It isn't simply the burden of taking over duties from such an impressive writer. As I look at the body of her work, I know I'll miss seeing her posts as much as the rest of her faithful readers. So rather than break my metaphorical pencils and go home, I'd like to begin by saying how gratefulI am to Claire for trusting me to take over her project. I promise to give it my all, and keep it up to the impressive standard she set. I'm also humbled that Eric Jones, Marianne Kunkel, and Kwame Dawes have thought enough of my abilities to give me the opportunity to manage the Prairie Schooner Blog. 

A bit about myself: I'm a PhD student at UNL, concentrating in fiction writing. I'm originally from southern West Virginia, and I receivedmy MA at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. My time at UNL is spent teaching, writing fiction, and observing the different representations of masculinity in Appalachian Fiction. In those rare moments of free time a graduate students finds, I'm often with my fiancĂ©e, Amy, or any number of the interesting characters who haunt Andrews Hall.

As far as my new duties as Blog Editor, I'm excited to work with contributors, create material for the blog, keep the latest news out on social media, and give readers a place to keep themselves informed on some  of the most interesting events in the Prairie Schooner community. I hope to see you all back here soon. Thank you for reading.