Novelist Colin Channer Writes Us a Poem

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Novelist Colin Channer Writes us a Poem

In support of our June subscription campaign, which we’re calling “Take a Chance: Subscribe!” acclaimed novelist Colin Channer took a risk and experimented outside his normal genre. Here’s the poem, followed by an audio recording. To subscribe at a discounted rate, click here.


Stagger Lee
I’ll walk the land of the Republicans and do as I please,
blur gerrymandering, scatter guitars, break every promise,
lift up Cadillacs to redistribute the wealth.
Yes, I’m black, and frightening. Take me serious.
Look through my suit you’ll see the vee
the tailor squares away, the whoosh of power,
the smoke stack in the distance when the ground begins
to shake and you know I’m coming, hard.
Fear me. Hate me. Call me out my name and in again.
Nightmare. Alien. Kenya black. Trail me in your F-10
I’ll double back to compromise. How do you like F5?
When you’re broke and broken, I’ll piss on your ranch,
roof in your Walmart, assured that I will break no perfect unions.
Call me party pooper. Say you hate the way I drone.
Call me nigger if you want to when I disappear. The FEMA check is good.