Summer Issue Cover!

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To whet your appetite for our forthcoming Summer Issue, check out its beautiful cover!

This startling image was shot in Provincia Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, by German artists Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke,

The photo is part of a series called “Lightmark.” According to the artists’ website, Lightmark “was created by photographing moving light sources at night. Long exposures, up to an hour in length, are required to allow torchlight to take form and for the very low level of ambient light, usually from the moon, to illuminate the scenery. Using a digital medium format camera for their photography, Goepel and Warnecke focus on photographic techniques rather than post processing to achieve the results they are aiming for. The couple travel all over the world in search of locations with secret natures they seek to reveal through their light paintings.”

You’ll also notice the cover advertising this issue as our first to be available on Kindle!

More Summer 2012 announcements to come!