Summer Issue is Here!!!

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If we didn’t live in Nebraska we’d take this issue, with its typically fantastic blend of fiction, poetry, essays and reviews, right to the beach. Since we’re here, we have to squint until the prairie grass starts to look like waves. But what does it matter when the writing’s so good? Prairie Schooner Summer 2012 features Fleda Brown on dressing up for God, Justin Taylor on Portland friends, Sharon Olds on the power of the leg, Donald Platt on the body’s inevitable decay, and Floyd Skloot, Garth Risk Hallberg, and Maxine Kumin on a million other things–to name a few!

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John Kinsella:
what’s worn to see our comfort note discomfort’s/end results this roll this role to play to show one’s hand/its powerful grip to placate hate built/in relatives, friends and workmates/of the dead

Bruce Bond:
What the fire began, men completed,/and there were those who were buried here/and there, and those who never reappeared.

Nancy Welch:
But the new billboards featured a smiling family of indeterminate ethnicity standing in the sun-filtered shade of unlikely lemon trees. They invited all who yearned for Wholesome, Family-Focused Community and Hassle-Free Hookup to town water and sewage to Discover the Promised Land Right Here in Central Ohio.