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2021 Fall Volume 95 Number 3

Table Of Contents

Joseph Millar ||| Ars Poetica 2 Blessed with Work Dark Woods For Annie 2, poems

Sharon Olds ||| Meditation during the Su√erings and Deaths of Others X-ray and Rats Bad and Crazy Ballad of Once Mike Carter Amherst Ballad 10, poems

Marilyn Hacker ||| Museum Piece Canicule, poems

Julio Marzán ||| Spring Street Station, poem

Laura Knapp ||| Prima Donna, story

Teresa Tristan ||| Seeds Tianguis Ribbon Floating Everyday Things A Slice of Night, poems

Kaylie Saidin ||| Regeneration, essay

Parnaz Foroutan ||| Madness, in Song, essay

Aliyah Cotton ||| Funeral (III), poem

Angela Narciso Torres ||| the first time, poem

Wallace Ludel ||| The Other Rowboat, poem

Amanda Hodes ||| II. Stories from Alma’s Mirrors, poem

Mariana Lin ||| An Elephant Dreams of a Banana, poem

John Sibley Williams ||| And Other Acts of Mercy, poem

Amanda Gomez ||| Inheritance, poem

William Millar ||| Easy Potatoes for Two, story

Leland Cheuk ||| Uncle Juicy’s America Boy, story

Miah Jeffra ||| Trying to Shove Ourselves Back Together, essay

Sophia Veltfort ||| Queen of the Dryads, story

Diane Mehta ||| There was a Place, poem

Danielle Cadena Deulen ||| Reversal Bison, poems

Sean Cho A. ||| Alone Poem Reverse Circular Reasoning / Relapse Desire #3 (body mind), poems

Eugene Radice ||| Your Name Here!, story

Rachele Salvini ||| American Animals, story

Jayne Marshall ||| Casio, 1984, essay

Cherie Nelson ||| God Stars, essay

Alison Harney ||| Econo Lodge, Toronto The Blueberries Were on Sale, poems

Hannah Keziah Agustin ||| Thrifted, essay

Mee Ok Icaro ||| Rear Window, essay

Chisom Okafor ||| Unlearning the Principles of Displacement for a Body at Rest Note to Departure Supersedure, poems

Anne Pierson Wiese ||| Fort Dodge Calcium Products, poem

Alonso Llerena ||| Villa, poem

Clemonce Heard ||| Cold-Blooded Murder The 1920 Photograph of Five Unidentified People, poems

Andrew Collard ||| Disaster Grocery, poem

Emily Mitchell ||| Forgotten Pastimes of the Victorians, story



A Sense of Time and Other Stories by Anu Kumar, reviewed by Nick Hillbourn


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