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Fusion 10: Aunts, with Vietnam
Fusion 10: Aunts, with Vietnam
Fusion 10: Aunts, with Vietnam


Fusion, n. /ˈfjuːʒən/ [< Latin fūsiōn-em , n. of action < fundĕre to pour.]
3a. The union or blending together of different things (whether material or immaterial) as if by melting, so as to form one whole; the result or state of being so blended. Const. into, with. 1776

This new online series features collaborations between Prairie Schooner and interesting, innovative online literary entities from around the world that seek to create dynamic fusions in literature and art.

Briefly Noted

Reviews in brief from the staff of Prairie Schooner and associates.

Vol. 4 Issue 3. August 26, 2015. Ed. Paul Clark.

The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst | Reviewed by Dirk van Nouhuys

Hemingway on a Bike by Eric Freeze | Reviewed by Ryan Borchers

Bird from Africa by Viola Allo | Reviewed by Ryler Dustin

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