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Drinking Song

Drinking Song

By Silvia Curbelo

after Schumann

In every half-filled glass a river
begging to be named, rain on a leaf,
a snowdrift. What we long for

precedes us. What we’ve lost
trails behind, casting
a long shadow. Tonight

the music’s sad, one man’s
outrageous loneliness detonated
into arpeggios of relief. The way

someone once cupped someone’s
face in their hands, and the world
that comes after. Everything

can be pared down to gravity
or need. If the soul
soars with longing

the heart plunges headfirst
into what’s left, believing
there’s a pure want

to fall through. What
we drink to in the end
is loss, the space around it,

the opposite of thirst, its shadow.

Prairie Schooner, Vol. 68, No. 4, (Winter 1994), pp. 32-33


Silvia Curbelo

Silvia Curbelo's latest poetry collection, Falling Landscape, is forthcoming from Anhinga Press early in 2015. Previous collections include The Secret History of Water (Anhinga Press) and Ambush (Main Street Rag Publishers). She has received poetry fellowships from the NEA, the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and the Cintas Foundation, as well as the Jessica Nobel Maxwell Poetry Prize from American Poetry Review. Her poems have been published widely in literary journals and anthologies, most recently in Florida Literature: A Case Study (Bedford/St. Martin) and the Norton Anthology of Latino Literature. A native of Cuba, Silvia lives in Tampa, FL.

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